Dyer Skylights

Testimonial from John M. from Eugene Oregon 

In 1996, Dyer Skylights first installed a pair of skylights in our attic remodel; we loved them so much we had seven more installed, plus two sun tunnels. Dyer Skylights completed the work in a totally professional and timely manner and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others who would like to ‘see the light.’

Testimonial from Tom C. from Eugene Oregon

It is raining cats and frogs. No buckets. No orange stains. No sagging dry wall. Thanks Steve and crew for replacing my DIY skylight.

Testimonial from Martin D. from Eugene, Oregon

I just want to say that I am very pleased, and thoroughly satisfied, with the skylight that you replaced in my roof. The model you suggested has proved to be a much needed improvement, and is not only more eye appealing but also much more energy efficient than the old leaky original one. I also appreciate the fact that you kept me fully updated on the installation schedule, and did a great job of cleaning up afterward. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wouldn’t hesitate to sincerely recommend your services to anyone else in need of them.

Testimonial from Bob G. from Eugene, Oregon

Dyer Skylights did a great job of installing three sun tunnels in our home. It is amazing the amount of daylight that is brought inside. The task was completed in a short time with a minimum of disruption of our use of the home. There was nothing left to cleanup when they were finished. I highly recommend his products and work.

Testimonial from John R. from Oregon 

Stephen installed 4 Velux TMR Sun Tunnels in our home. Our home is a late 60s ranch-style home, with an attic, which required sun tunnels to eliminate the “live-in cave” effect typical of Oregon winters. My wife and I had very demanding requirements in our install; for example, we love our radiant ceiling heat and wanted it preserved. In addition, we were looking for an attention to detail that we demand of any contractor in our home. Stephen and his team more than exceeded our expectations! Our house is no longer a “cave” but an illuminated, happy place. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results from Dyer Skylights.

Testimonial from Bev C from Eugene Oregon 

I live in a manufactured home with a skylight I had to keep covered due to the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. It also leaked which meant I had to get it resealed every other year. It also let in a lot of outside noise. Mid summer of 2010 Dyer Skylights replaced the former skylight with a more energy efficient skylight – I no longer need to cover it and the outside noise is almost non existent. I have been amazed watching the geese fly over as well as an occasional plane with almost none of the noise. Most amazing is seeing some of our cloud formations and some snowflakes My God is an awesome artist. I also had a Sun Tunnel installed in my living room, which has totally amazed me this winter. In the past darker days of winter I would have to turn on several lights. This winter my living room has almost the same amount of light as if there was no roof to block the out side light. The sun tunnel also amazed when it was first installed there was no extra heat or cold. I really love both and planning to get a smaller sun tunnel over the laundry area and the guest bathroom.

Testimonial from Jim Davis 

After years of worrying when the next storm would send me searching for plastic sheeting, plywood, or roofing tar to deal with yet another leak, I finally decided to call a professional for help with the seventeen-year-old skylights in our house. That’s when I scheduled a meeting with Stephen Dyer of Dyer Skylight Inc. He evaluated the situation and advised replacement of three of the four skylights. So that’s what we did, or should I say, they did.
What had become a nagging problem to me was no problem for their staff (Zack). The change-out was accomplished in the promised time frame with no interruption to our home routine, and wow, do the new skylights look great! My wife and I are so pleased with the results. And when it comes to the former issue of rainy-day-versus-the-leaky-skylights, we now have peace of mind.
My wife and I highly recommend the friendly, courteous, and expert services of Dyer Skylights. The whole process was more a pleasure than a “project.” Thanks guys.

Testimonial from Esther Yamaoka 

I am so happy that my roofer recommended your company to install the five Sun tubes that have brightened my life. Our north facing living room was really dark after our remodel and the two tubes in there help to make it a bright welcoming space. Placing a Sun tube in my painting studio has been a great help with color choices and the one in the hall bathroom allows its use in the day time without turning on a light. I have enjoyed them all so much that I ask you to come back and place one in the dining room. The sun can now wash the inside wall with light and I have started using the desk in that space. We spent many years in the sunny south and my husband was concerned that coming back to Oregon with her gray skies could cause me to become depressed. Your Sun tubes have brightened our home so much, I am very happy. Your work was done in a day and the area cleaned up. I could not have asked for better service.

Testimonial from Jane Terry

Our beautiful, but older, riverfront home, newly purchased by us, came with large skylights that had some kind of yellow film over them – while we received filtered light, we could not see through them. Stephen came out and spent time educating us about what a difference quality transparent skylights/lighting would do for the house. I hesitated, and did some other projects first, before finally going ahead with re-doing the skylights.

I wish now I had listened to Stephen and done this project first. The difference in the feel of the house is extraordinary. It literally lifts our spirits to look up and see the trees and the sky. Do not underestimate Steve’s recommendations when he talks to you about the effects of natural lighting in your home or workspace!

His crew was extremely professional. Very very respectful of our home and the property itself. They did the work on time, and on budget (despite having a temporary halt due to the unfortunate discovery of dry-rot in parts of our roof!). They kept the lines of communication open; we never had any “surprises”. This was a large project, at least for us, as it involved 7 small skylights, and one large 30″ skylight.

We were very, very satisfied in all aspects of the project, and would highly recommend their service.

Testimonial from Glenn & Diana, Oregon

After hearing about Dyer Skylights on KKNX Radio Station for years, we selected them to help us when we needed skylight help. From the first contact with Stephen Dyer we were treated kindly and with confidence Dyer Skylight had experienced similar problems before and they could help us.
When the new skylight was installed, Jeffrey & Josh exceeded our expectations. They offered to take off their shoes prior to entering our home, and put down tarps under their work space. Then, when they were done they brought in a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed not only around the area they were working but beyond to be sure all was clean and we were satisfied prior to their leaving.


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